The Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation

Commencing in 2014, The Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation Inc. (PNGCF) was formed for the purpose of improving coordination of cancer education throughout the country. Together with the burden that this places on an already strained health system, this approach addresses the situation of having multiple uncoordinated cancer activities, and limited information to both patients and health systems on cancer awareness and prevention activities. PNGCFC™’s main source of funding is through corporate sponsorship/donations & project supporters.

Campaign and Programs 2021


To lead a cohesive approach to minimize the impact of cancer. Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation will work with its partner organizations to create awareness and conduct prevention programs.

Core activities

Harmonizing stakeholders involved in the delivery of cancer education and awareness programs in line with NDoH policies.
Conduct baseline surveys in order to better understand the general knowledge of cancer, habits and behavioral trends within a particular community.
Raise funds to advocate our activities to increase the amount of resources available and developing an evidence-based planning strategy to improve the effectiveness of investments.
Provide current and evidence-based information to the public on cancer education & awareness and health services available.
Provide information to health professionals and stakeholders on the cancer related statistics and treatment options.

Areas through which the PNGCF conducted Free cancer awareness workshops since 2014

2000 people

At the end of 2014, the PNGCF cancer education and awareness programs had impacted over 2000 people with its first programs in Alotau, Kimbe and Port Moresby.  126 people were screened with 23 people referred for further check-up.


On Average more than 60 % of our participants did not know about cervical & breast cancer before the workshops, according to our surveys from our programs from 2015 to 2018

Paradise Foods Limited Brand "Tru Tru wara" to support PinkTober Campaign

Roger Harwood, Group Marketing Manager for PFL and PNGCF Executive Manager Priscillar Napoleon pose during the media conference for the launch

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